Nice comments on the Sony A7s

'But it’s equally exciting for still photographers as the A7s packs a mere 12 Megapixels into a full-frame sensor area, allowing it in theory to out-perform the Canon EOS 1Dx and Nikon D4s in terms of dynamic range and noise in low light. And all from a much smaller and lighter, not to mention cheaper body. Sure it doesn’t focus or shoot as fast, nor can you clobber someone over the head with it in a war zone, but if all you want is the maximum low light performance from the smallest or most affordable body, Sony now wants your business.'

'I love that Sony now offers three versions of the Alpha A7 with 36, 24 and now 12 Megapixels and I can imagine some owners of, say, the A7r complementing it with the A7s for the best in resolution, noise and video.'

From the estimable Gordon Laing over at CameraLabs.

Couldn't have said it better myself. Hang on..........

'nor can you clobber someone over the head with it in a war zone' Love it.

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