Leica T type 701

Official launch tomorrow of the Leica interchangeable lens camera, but there are already details emerging plus some pictures of the system. http://leicarumors.com/2014/04/23/leica-t-website-now-live.aspx/

I can sense the cauldron being stirred already as the vitriol is being readied. However for me the announcement of any Leica other than the rebadged Panasonic compact cameras is a source of interest, if not excitement. 

If that's an accurate picture of what it looks like then I'm VERY interested. I must say I love that modern minimalist design. There is going to be a new viewfinder, which is great, since the Epson / Olympus one they had before was the reason I sold my X-vario, which otherwise was a great camera. By the sound of it the high ISO performance has been improved and I'm expecting great things from that. The X-Vario was only slightly worse than the Fuji X system fot low light work and if it's improved then we could be in for something special. 

I guess for many, and certainly myself this is the really interesting bit.

This shows the adapter for m-mount lenses. Apparently recognises the lens coding, which is intriguing. Why would it do that? Touchscreen... Mmmmm, flashgun and a very minimalist looking body with not a lot of controls. It also has 16GB of internal memory!!

Looks like something very different for Leica and I have to say I'm looking forward to more details. I know I'll be in a minority but I think this looks stunning and I'm very much looking forward to more details. Could be just what I've been waiting for. Style and Content.


The whole system is here.

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