Just exactly what is the point of the Pentax 645Z?

A 1.5Kg. camera (without a lens) a sensor not that much bigger than the Sony A7r (44 x 33mm as compared to 36 x 24mm) producing 143MB files which again the A7r can easily match with minimal upsizing. (A7r files are 103MB) Really expensive and heavy lenses, very restricted depth of field and a huge price tag and huge footprint, I'm struggling to see the point of the Pentax 645Z. 

Yes I had a Pentax 645 film camera, but that was years ago and things have moved on somewhat. I guess some people will buy it and try to make a case for it. And at least it has a decent lens range, if you have substantial funds and a team of sherpas to carry them for you. 

I'm frankly skeptical about the whole medium-format digital concept anyway. Still you pays your money, you takes your choice I guess. Though personally I've got what I consider far better ways to spend that money, assuming that I had it in the first place!! 

Finally just a thought - do we describe this as "Fuller Frame?"  
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