ISO 409,600 !!!!!!! - Sony A7s

Mmmmm...... ISO 409,600 and 12MP 35mm / 'full-frame' sensor. The ultimate camera for private eyes and other surveillance agencies. Think you can hide in the dark? Think again. 

Plus a 28-135mm f/4 zoom lens?? If that's constant throughout the range and it's a decent lens then that might explain why Sony haven't been releasing lenses. This one pretty much covers everything. 

Undeniably impressive and a real tilt at Canon and Nikon in terms of press and sports photography. If it works well and that's a big if, then the Nikon D4S and Canon 1DX just became somewhat 'ordinary.' The D4s has the same high ISO numbers, but with 12MP instead of 16MP chances are that the Sony has cleaner output and of course can shoot 4K video. Plus lighter, smaller and I presume cheaper.

As ever Sony are at the cutting edge. However the more they innovate the more gaps they leave in their wake. Still I guess it's no bad thing that they have the ambition to do stuff like this and this sensor technology will of course end up in lots of other manufacturers cameras. Interesting. And I'd love to see some samples at ISO 409,600.

Sony overstretch, always have, always will. We should be well used to that by now. And yes they have all sorts of flaws. But then they also have the best digital photography tech. team on the planet. This isn't a camera for me, but I can't help but admire that ambition and technical expertise.

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