Is the Panasonic GM1 the best outdoors small camera I've ever used?

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Everything shot on Panasonic GM1 - 12-32mm lens - 
Full Auto

Out on my bike, a few stills, a couple of clips of HD video, one held held. Everything on full auto. Upsize the pictures, upload to a picture library, video on YouTube. Painless. High quality in something not much bigger than a matchbox. Easy to use, yet capable of producing files for large-scale reproduction. Access to a large range of quality lenses, touch screen that works flawlessly, wi-fi enabled remote capabilities. Shoot a pro job with one, pretend you used a serious DSLR, nobody spots the difference.

A few posts ago I wrote that this might be the camera than 'converts' me to using something this small. And it may well be the one. I like it and what it produces way more than I thought I would. If I want simple, quick, easy and something that lets me concentrate on shooting pictures rather than fiddling with menus and controls, this is the one I'll pick up now. It's almost a non-camera. It's a box that takes pictures and shoots video. Most of the time I only need to know where the shutter and video buttons are. The camera takes care of the rest. Files that are quick and easy to edit, yet don't compomise in terms of IQ. Can it really be this simple? Is the Panasonic GM1 the best outdoors small camera I've ever used?

You bet it is.

Yes I had one. I don't like the stills quality though. The video was excellent with great stabilisation however. Ultimately it's the small(er) sensor and the amount of pixels they cram on it that puts me off. The pictures are also a bit 'flat' and with rather more luminance noise than I would like.

The real problem I have with it however is the fixed lens. I can use literally 1000's of lenses on the GM1, in addition to the superb Panasonic and Olympus ranges. The question I always ask about any Sony camera is 'What top quality Sony lenses can I use on it' The answer is usually 'Not Many'.

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