Fuji X100s + WCL-X100 Wide-angle adapter

Adding the Fujifilm Wide Conversion Lens WCL-X100 to the X100S turns an already very attractive old school aesthetic camera into something quite sublime as far as I'm concerned. And with it's PhotoMadd L-plate grip it becomes fantastic to pick up and take pictures with. This was the camera design that launched the whole Fuji X concept and I have to admit I have warmed to it over the years. It's just so full of Leica / Contax / Rangefinder / Metal / Chrome / Photojournalist goodness that if you, like me, go weak at the knees when confronted with retro chic, my advice is don't pick one up if you don't own one already. You may well find yourself out of pocket. (Though it has to be said, probably with a smile on your face!!)

Optically it's the usual Fuji standard, i.e. very good indeed. Sharp to the corners and as you can see the distortion in the brick wall shots is very well controlled. These add-on adapters are supposed to be terrible, but then Fuji tore up the rule book on lenses some time ago. And there's another one coming to take the X-100s into standard lens simulation. I can't wait.

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