Fuji X100s conversion lenses.


Some interesting items from Fuji. Grips, eye cups, handstrap and the TC-X100 conversion lens for the X100s.

I shall of course be getting my hands on one of those as soon as I can. And its this and the WCL-X100 wide angle conversion lens that turn the X100s into a different camera to the Sony RX-1, Leica X1 and X2 and Nikon Coolpix A. Because using the WCL-X100 as I have, it soon becomes clear that these are not the usual 'optically challenged' converters we have seen in the past for other systems but can be described as lenses in their own right. The fact that they don't replace the existing lens but screw onto it doesn't make a lot of difference as far as I'm concerned. In fact it has the added advantage of not allowing the sensor to be exposed and dust to accumulate.

So the X100s in effect becomes a closed 3-lens system. The two lens converters adding 19mm and 33mm to the existing 23mm. And all still f/2 of course. So in terms of looks and what it offers we have a modern version / imitation of a Leica or Contax rangefinder with 28mm f/2, 35mm f/2 and 50mm f/2 lenses. However with AF instead of rangefinder focus, digital capture instead of film and all the other features of modern digital cameras. 

Now I was a fan of the Leica X-Vario and I have missed it. Until now. Because I think that this is a better option. The lenses are faster than the X-Vario zoom and with the X100S's higher ISO performance being better (though not by much it has to be said) the X100s + conversion lenses is going to be a small compact, go anywhere, shoot in any kind of light system. Combined with the almost silent leaf shutter it's an unobtrusive system that will attract no attention, yet produce really high quality images. Plus let's not ignore the fact that it looks pretty stunning at the same time. Though it has to be admitted this is only to a certain kind of photographer. Because if you want to impress the general public you are much better off with the biggest DSLR and lens you can carry.

Finally, I've uploaded a raw file taken with the WCL-X100 (top of the page) so you can see how it performs. Click HERE to access it on Google Drive. 

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