Fuji two camera combination - X100s - X-E2 60mm lens.

Until I can get my hands on the new teleconverter, I'll be going out, as I did a couple of days ago, with my X100s plus another camera. In this case it was the X-E2 fitted with 60mm f/2.5 macro lens. The 60mm is ideal for this as it's a small light lens and I can get both cameras in a pretty small bag.

As you can see the images were mostly agricultural landscape and farming shots. One of the benefits of working a specific area is that over the years I build up some local knowledge of what happens when and I try to visit most, if not all, of the locations I know will produce good shots in every season. However I didn't anticipate the ploughing, the planting and the tractors and I got some useful shots. They were planting potatoes by the way, so next time you have a plate of chips or a bag of crisps, this is how it all begins. 

I must admit that after moving from London just under 10 years ago, I do appreciate the environment in which I now live and work. I'll never be a 'countryman' just a city dweller who has moved to the country, but I'm now much more aware of the seasons and what happens in them. I have much more awareness of what flowers come out when and what follows what. Because of the weather things aren't always happening at the same time every year, but these days I can factor that in and come up with a pretty good estimate of when a location will look a certain way.

Also living in the middle of one of the most important agricultural areas in the UK, with crop rotation, the landscape can often look very different from year to year. Last year these fields were almost 100% wheat, whereas this year it's potatoes and oil-seed rape. And since last years pretty cold spring, we have had four warm and sunny seasons running. This winter we had a lot of rain and floods, but there were also lots of breaks between the storms with wonderful 'Jet Stream Light' as I like to describe it. So knowing the UK weather as I do, I'm wondering what will happen this summer. It's unusual for us to get a whole year of decent weather (Well decent in terms of photography anyway) so the chances are that the summer may be disappointing unless global warming really is making a difference.

However, it's all part of the roller-coaster ride that is the British weather. Incidentally talking about weather, there is one place that I've always wanted to photograph and that is the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic. Click the link and see what I mean. However, the weather up there is capricious to say the least and getting there involves venturing through it on a small boat or in a small plane, neither of which I'm particularly comfortable with. Hopefully I'll get there one day. I'll need to go in June I think, when it's pretty much all daylight, to allow time for some of that fabulous light to appear. And I'm pretty sure they don't spend a lot of time in shorts and flip-flops up there. Though they do have a football team. Currently ranked 164 out of 207.

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