Fuji 10-24mm f/4 wide angle zoom + X-T1 - Stately home shoot 2 - Architectural Photography

 All images - Fuji X-T1 10-24mm zoom lens

Regular readers will know that I shoot a lot of old buildings stately homes, twee cottages and property of all description, inside and out. And the majority of this has to be done hand-held. Not that I'm lazy about carrying a tripod about (honest!) but because it simply isn't allowed. (I might trip people up and kill them with it!!) So this is where the Fuji 10-24mm is really going to earn it's keep. 

OIS in the lens and the lack of distortion are obvious advantages as is the ISO peformance of the Fuji X-Trans sensor allowing me to use faster shutter speeds and narrower apertures than with other cameras. The above pictures shot on Sunday show just how good the lens is for this.

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