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 Panasonic GX7 - 14-140mm lens

So yesterday there were some Panasonic GH4 raw samples released - which look like the GH3, there is a rumour of Fuji X 'Full-Frame' - pointless in my book but I'm sure some will see it as the holy grail and Sony are apparently releasing a 12MP, 4K A7 variant - so we all have to upgrade our computers to edit the footage. So what was the news item that excited me most? This. http://www.fujirumors.com/confirmed-new-source-tcl-x100-will-come-second-half-april/ Why? Because it will make my Fuji X100s look like this.

And I figure that making my camera look like an old Leica is as good a reason as any for buying a piece of camera gear. 

I'm currently doing a lot of editing and uploading of pictures and I'm actually not even sure what camera I took some of the pictures on and I'm not really looking. However it doesn't seem to matter because it's what in the picture that counts. I'm having a very successful time currently and selling a lot of pictures. Including having just sold a film scan of a 35mm picture I took in 1991 of the Pyrenees for rather a lot of money. It was 6MP in size. I'm also in serious discussion about becoming involved in a new worldwide photo workshop franchise which would involve me in doing some work that involves meeting and working with other photographers, which is quite exciting. 

And I'm pretty much having to knuckle down to write something for the blog, since the endless arguing about gear is currently annoying rather than entertaining me. I was going to go out with my new Fuji X100s yesterday but decided to take a break from photography and spent the afternoon and evening composing and recording a couple of pieces of music. So I'm going through a period of photographic 'ennui' currently. Or more correctly a period of photographic gear 'ennui' which is of course something completely different.

I really never used to obsess about gear in my film days. I kept gear for years and not weeks and the pictures I shot were far more important than what I shot with them. And writing a prospectus for these proposed workshops, which will involve working with photographers who will be beginners with smartphones to advanced amateurs with DSLR outfits, brought this home to me. These days I'm often going out to try out some combination of camera and lens rather than actually create some images. And often what I shoot is little more than workmanlike. But in the process of sorting out some pictures to illustrate my ideas for these workshops I found the night shot at the top of the page. Now it's noisy as hell since it was a high ISO shot on m4/3 but I really like it. That intense light glowing in the darkness and the people chatting on the river bank gives the whole thing a really nice feel. I haven't shot any night time images for a while and it made me realise that I should do more of it. 

It's time to stop endlessly going round in circles and despite my best intentions continually treating my gear as somehow more important than the pictures I create. (Just like the rest of the photographic internet really!!) And time to admit that I really don't give a damn about 4K video, or full-frame 'v' APS-C, or how many pixels my cameras have got. I'm planning to be using just Fuji stuff for a while, because I like using it and it looks good. And that really is a good enough reason for me. Who knows I might even stop pixel-peeping for a while and one of the reasons I like using my Fuji gear is that no matter what camera I use all the images look the same. And no they aren't the best in terms of image quality I can produce, but I enjoy taking them enormously and that's far more important than obsessing about MP's and ISO performance. (If only!)

One day last week I forgot to check my camera settings and ended up taking a whole batch of pictures on the smallest jpg. size that my camera produced. No raw files and images that were around the 4.5MP mark. And I edited them in double quick time, uploaded them to several picture library sites, which of course took a lot less time than normal and have already sold several. It was interesting that my reaction wasn't one of disappointment that I hadn't taken the opportunity to produce the best files I can but one of 'I must do this more often.' Because the pictures were actually very good and for once I wasn't blowing them up to 100% and examining them minutely to see if I'd achieved anything close to technical perfection. The fact that I actually found it liberating was interesting to say the the least and something that's certainly made me think. Maybe that 12MP Sony camera IS interesting after all.

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