Are photographers really that interested in 'full-frame?'

Sony A7r - Sigma 20mm f/1.8 - LA-EA4 adapter

I've stated that it is my intention to go forward with a Fuji X outfit, however that might not be that easy to achieve. I've so far had three go's at selling my Sony A7 on ebay and haven't yet got the price I want or anything near it. Now I'm not inflating this and it's a fair second-hand price for a nearly new camera. I've tried selling it with the 28-70mm zoom, with the grip and all three items separately and I haven't had very much interest at all. 

The m4/3 gear I sold and my Nikon lenses and the Metabones adapters including the Speed Boosters were gone within hours, but the A7 is certainly 'sticking'. The no. of watchers and indeed people who have looked at the listing is also much less than I would have expected. I've also seen sales figures that seem to show the absence of both the A7 and A7r from the top or near the top of any list of current best selling cameras. So are 35mm / 'full-frame' sensor cameras really the 'blow everything else away', 'what everybody really wants', 'this is the death knell for APS-C' success that the hysterical internet chatter about them would seem to predict?

I mention this in the light of a rumour (and that's all it is) that the Fuji X-Pro 1, if and when it appears, will be 'full-frame'. Fuji have put a lot into the lens system for the APS-C X-trans sensor and I must say it struck me as a strange decision if it's true. I couldn't see how it wouldn't impact on the sales of their existing cameras and lenses. But then if my suspicions are correct and photographers really aren't desperate to have the larger sensor at all costs, then maybe it might be true and Fuji are just putting together one of those 'look what we can do' cameras as a kind of top of the range flagship, 'show pony' camera. Plus after the X-T1 any 'FF X-Pro 2' will have to go some to improve on that.

So why is FF seemingly not the 'holy grail' for all but a minority? Price is certainly a factor and also size and weight. Plus I can't imagine that the lack of system lenses for the A7 and A7r and the poor reviews that lenses like the Zeiss 24-70mm has received isn't having an impact. My A7 / A7r system has two FE lenses in it, the pretty average 28-70mm and the admittedly wonderful 55mm f/1.8. For the rest I've got a Sigma 20mm f/1.8, Sigma 35mm f/1.4 and Sony 85mm f/2.8 a-mount lenses plus the LA-EA4 adapter. I've also still got my Voigtlander 20mm and Nikon Series E 100mm lenses plus a Metabones adapter to use them on my Sony's with manual focus. It is a bit of an 'untidy' selection, with rather more reliance on adapters than I would like. And some of it isn't particularly light or small and in fact because of the size of the lenses not really that much different in terms of it's 'footprint' than a DSLR system.

But for the time being I'm going to be hanging on to the A7 and indeed the A7r. I don't really have to sell either, since I don't have a financial need to do so currently and I'm certainly not going to sell either at a knock down price. Plus it makes more financial sense for me to keep them and claim the tax relief rather than sell them off cheaply.

So I may be using 'full-frame' for a bit longer than I thought I would and my 'creative' lens system for it may still get some use. Interesting how often the stuff that generates the most internet chatter often doesn't bear any relationship to sales figures. But then that should be no surprise to any of us by now.

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