Another great / terrible / average / as expected set of pictures and / or video with my A7 / A7r / X-T1 / X-E2 / X100s / GX7

All images - either A7 / A7r / X-T1 / X-E2 / X100s / GX7 / Other 
(delete as appropriate to suit your taste)

Yesterday / today / tomorrow / Thursday last week I went out with my A7 / A7r / X-T1 / X-E2 / X100s / GX7 and shot some pictures / video / rabbits. I enjoyed / hated / couldn't care less the experience immensely / not a lot / about average. 

The A7 / A7r / X-T1 / X-E2 / X100s / GX7 performed really well / badly / as expected and I have to say that the more I use the A7 / A7r / X-T1 / X-E2 / X100s / GX7 the more impressed / unimpressed / bewildered / bored  I am with it / them.

Compared to the A7 / A7r / X-T1 / X-E2 / X100s / GX7 the A7 / A7r / X-T1 / X-E2 / X100s / GX7 performs much better / worse / about the same / a medley from cats. In terms of sharpness / handling / IQ / build quality the A7 / A7r / X-T1 / X-E2 / X100s / GX7 is also a step up / step down / identical to the previous / next model.

As you can see / not see / couldn't care less about the A7 / A7r / X-T1 / X-E2 / X100s / GX7 shows / doesn't show a marked improvement / itself not much better than the A7 / A7r / X-T1 / X-E2 / X100s / GX7. 

I'm really glad / disappointed that I bought / wasted my money on this camera / lens / software and after years of using a DSLR / mirrorless camera / compact camera / 10x8 plate camera / iPhone I've come to the conclusion that the A7 / A7r / X-T1 / X-E2 / X100s / GX7 has reinvigorated / made me realise how much I hate my photography. 

Please select / delete which ever camera / lens / software that affirms / rejects / is the same as / is opposite to your preferred option. Meanwhile today should see sunshine / rain / a tornado so I'll be out taking some pictures / shooting some video / bungee jumping and I'll be taking my A7 / A7r / X-T1 / X-E2 / X100s / GX7 with me. Looking forward to it / dreading it / forgotten all about it / don't give a toss about it.

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