When is a DSLR not a DSLR? When it's a Sony A7r, a Panasonic GH3 or a Fuji XT1

CUSTOMER: 'I'm looking to get a better camera. I've been using my phone and a small compact but I want something better.'

SALESPERSON: 'Do you want a DSLR or a mirrorless camera?'

CUSTOMER: '???????'

SALESPERSON: 'A DSLR has a mirror inside which flips up when you take a picture. Nikon and Canon make DSLR's. A mirrorless camera doesn't have a mirror.'

CUSTOMER: '???????'

SALESPERSON: 'OK. A mirrorless camera has an electronic viewfinder and a screen that's permanently on so you can see your picture. A DSLR has an optical viewfinder which is like looking through a tunnel and it doesn't adjust with the light. It doesn't have the screen on permanently like a mirrorless camera, though actually if you want it too it does do that as well.'

CUSTOMER: '???????'

SALESPERSON: 'OK. Let me show you the difference.'
(Gets out Nikon and Canon DSLR's and a Sony A7r, Panasonic GH3 and Fuji X-T1)

CUSTOMER: 'They all look pretty much the same'

SALESPERSON: 'Well yes, they do now. Mirrorless cameras used to look different but now they don't.'

CUSTOMER: 'Some of those mirrorless cameras look a bit old-fashioned.'

SALESPERSON: 'Well the companies are using retro designs these days which is very popular.'

CUSTOMER: 'Popular with who?'

SALESPERSON: 'Well enthusiastic amateurs mainly.'

CUSTOMER: 'Oh. Well I don't know any of those, Everyone I know either uses their phone or has a Nikon or a Canon.'

SALESPERSON: 'OK. Well mirrorless cameras are quite new but lots of people think they will take over from DSLR's one day.'

CUSTOMER: 'Mmmmm. How much are they? I bet the Nikon and the Canon are much more expensive.'

SALESPERSON: 'Well the Nikon and Canon are on special offer with a kit and cost around £500 with two lenses. The Panasonic is just under £800, the Fuji is just over £1000 and the Sony is £1600. That's for the body only, if you want a lens that's extra.'

CUSTOMER: 'l'll take the Canon.'

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