The Fuji X system - more Yin and Yang - Part 1 - Fuji X-E2 - 14mm and 60mm lenses

Yesterdays trip out with my X-E2 plus 14mm and 60mm lenses made me realise four things.

1) Using the X-E2 shows just why I think the X-T1 is such a great camera.
2) The 14mm is a magnificent lens and probably the best wide-angle I've ever used.
3) The 60mm as a macro lens is capable of great results in that macro capacity, but far from the easiest lens to achieve them with.
4) That despite the continuing reservations I still have about low ISO image quality and raw processing, if I could only use one system it would be Fuji X. 

For further expansion on this Part 2 will be coming to an I.T. device near you soon.

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