The breathtaking ignorance of internet chatter forum busybodies. Reactions to the Nikon 1 V3.

One of the stalwarts of the Nikon 1 community I started on Google+ wrote this yesterday.

John Sturr
Yesterday 13:41
Love it -- Love it - Love it.  The savages at DPreview are having a field day with this announcement - which is even better ! ..........

And as you can see from the comment at the top, the propensity for commenting on something you are never going to buy seems to show no sign of going away. Imagine someone walking up to you in the street, telling you that the clothes you are wearing are overpriced and made by a company that is failing to address the needs of it's customers. This is then followed up by your botherer giving you a list of alternatives that you should be wearing and pretty much rubbishing you as an individual for your bad taste and poor choices. Unfortunately people like the above moron aren't in front of you to receive a well-deserved slapping but hidden away on the internet, safe in the knowledge that their rudeness and crass stupidity can't get the appropriate reaction it so richly deserves. 

Technology has it's advantages, unfortunately it also has it's downside. In addition to the endless, mindless parading of idiotic behaviour for the brain numb on social networking sites, we have to put up with the bandwidth choking displays of ignorance, rudeness and opinionated bile from the insecure, the talentless and the intellectually challenged on internet chatter sites. And there is no point in attempting to take them on, because their stunted self-obsessed brains can't understand contradiction anyway and they tend to react in much the same way as a cornered rat, lashing out viciously at all and sundry.

Behaviour like this demonstrates very clearly that people who make comments like this define themselves by the gear they own rather than what they do with it. I'm also amazed by how many 'enthusiast' photographers show a lack of enthusiasm for any gear other than that they have bought. By the way the piece they are all commenting on is another piece of cliched crap from Dpreview, who seem to have decided out of commercial interest, to continually spout platitudes and common denominator thinking. They have even just posted a Nikon D4s unboxing article for God's sake!!! Obviously a case of if you can't beat them, join them. Which is of course the wrong way round. If you can't join them...... etc.

On a more positive note Heather at  BestMirrorlessCameraReviews says that they may be getting a Nikon 1 V3 to have a look at soon. I respect what she and Mathieu put together as it's thoughtful and free of fanboy pontification. So look out for that.

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