Terrific series of Photographic Videos


I got this on my Facebook Page yesterday.

'Hi! Thought this might interest you. Arirang (a Korean tv channel) has a series where professional photographers go to Korea on various assignments. It's a mix of travel documentary and photography. Very interesting to see how different pros work, how they explain what they saw in a photo, and how they approach different situations. The themes also vary. Some shoot more street/documentary style, while some do more landscapes etc.

Also interesting to see the camera choices Some prefer older manual focus lenses on new dslr bodies, and yesterday I even saw one do a whole assignment for National Geographic using x100 or x100s almost exclusively. Skill + personal preference trumps technical specifications, I suppose
Anyway, the series is worth checking out. There are 20+ episodes and they can be found in YouTube. Just search 'arirang in frame' or 'in frame ep16' or whatever episode number is next in line.'

I'd like to thank Sami for this because they are actually terrific videos. Both entertaining and informative. Kind of a series on the joy of photography. Highly recommended.