Sony A7 - 28-70mm - Faster AF after firmware update?

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Faster AF after the firmware update? Well yes I think so. Certainly for the A7, which is now pretty nippy to lock on to focus, less so with the A7r. 

Yesterday with the A7 + 28-70mm I had no problems at all. The AF was precise, fast and accurate. Compared to? Well nothing really. I certainly have no testing gear for this and the thought of doing that anyway sends me to sleep. It's just a feeling that it's quicker than it was and that it compares well with my other cameras. So not a particular positive, more not a negative. 

Must say I don't get the obesession with AF speed and the number of AF points. Photographers managed quite nicely without AF at all for decades. But I guess it's no longer an option for many people to actually learn how to focus quickly and prepare focus when a shot is coming up. And AF needs practice too. What to focus on, which subjects lock on quickly, which cause problems. I use centre spot only, always have always will. That way the camera focuses on what I want and not what some computer programme thinks it should. AF is an aid, not a sentient flawless entity in itself. Like all technology, it's only as good as the person using it. Something many 'photographers' seem to ignore.

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