Nikon 1 V3

I know there are many who won't agree but I think this looks great. But then I loved the V1. I did struggle with the 10MP output and didn't particularly like the V2 files, but this, with an 18MP sensor, looks better. The samples on the Nikon site look really good. 

It does of course have blazing speed, great video and an electronic shutter. This model has add on grip and EVF. Plus there is a new lens. A 70-300mm which is the somewhat extraordinary 35mm approximation of 189-810mm!!!!!

I've always thought that the 1" sensor could be the future for mirrorless outdoor cameras and the Sony RX10 shows just what you can do with that. 

Have to admit I'm very tempted. I'm selling lots of pictures I took with the V1 and I used it extensively last summer. It was one of those cameras that put a smile on my face. The V3 looks to be a significant improvement on that. The blow up below is from one of the Nikon website samples.

Nice and sharp and pretty 'clean' too.

So, expect this camera to be soundly rubbished. That's the way of it I'm afraid. It doesn't fit in anywhere and sensor snobbery is the new oneupmanship on the photographic internet. But I know what I can do with a camera like this and if the image quality is as above, I can sell a lot of pictures with a camera like this as well. About as far from my A7r as I can get, but I'll be surprised if I don't try one of these at some point.

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