iPad Photography

Probably something you didn't expect from me. A 'review' of my iPad Air as a camera.

However, don't expect any detailed analysis, since I have far more important things to do.

So here goes.

  • Forget shooting in low light. It's absolutely terrible. Smeared, noise reduced, mush.
  • There's some serious distortion.
  • Dynamic range? None. Well actually some but pretty pathetic.
  • Dodgy colour.
  • Press the big white button photography. That's it.
However, in good light and with a LOT of Photoshop work, I can just about get a tolerable image that I can actually look at without wincing. The noise reduction is still destructive but at a real push I guess you could publish a photo up to A4 if you weren't that critical. Better than I imagined but then my expectations were pretty low.

I do actually use it occasionally for camera photography on my posts but for serious photography forget it. I imagine it produces pretty similar results to an iPhone, but then I don't have one so I don't know. Just to see what happens I've uploaded the three apple pictures above to a picture library, to see if they accept them. I'll update the post when I get a decision. 
(UPDATE - The pictures have been accepted by the library.)

Must admit, the screen is very good though. Beats the hell out of live view screens on a camera. So as a 'controller' for a camera it's probably very good. Firing the shutter without going near the camera is obviously useful. If I'm desperate for something to do I may try to set it up with one of my cameras to try it out. However, don't hold your breath!!

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