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Though I write all the time about how much I rate the Fuji X system, I still haven't found a raw conversion method that gives me the sharpness the sensor is capable of and doesn't take twice (or more) as long as just running the images through ACR and Photoshop. Photo Ninja, Iridient Developer and even the Fuji SilkyPix software all give me decent flat files to work on in Photoshop, where I do most of my processing, but this requires saving the image as a .tiff file and then opening it up again. PN and IR are both quite slow, so this frustrates me somewhat. 

If I'm in a hurry, I just use the ACR / Photoshop option, which is OK these days, but still produces softer looking files because of the inbuilt background raw file processing which can't be worked around. I sometimes use the OOC .jpgs. too, but this is far from ideal. Photoshop is essential for what I do so all my files have to end up there eventually, since none of the other programmes, including Aperture, can do what it does, so I either have to put up with it or keep searching for a faster workflow solution. Batch processing doesn't work either since I need to 'develop' each file individually from raw to get the optimum results. 

It is somewhat frustrating that Adobe, my preferred choice for virtually every other camera I've used is the least satisfactory option for producing a sharp file, when applied to .RAF files. I will keep trying since I have a lot of money invested in my Fuji X system and I do love using it. So it's a case of keep up the pressure on both Adobe and Fuji to get a solution that works. SORT IT OUT!!!

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