Fuji 10-24mm straight into action

All images Fuji X-T1 10-24mm f/4 zoom lens

Only a few hours after picking it up I was using the 10-24mm on an interior property shoot for a client. I managed to get some testing in beforehand just to see if there were any problems, but I needn't have worried. The lens performed very well. It is beautifully engineered and I had to do much less perspective correction than usual with lenses of this type. The last times I've done this I've used a Sigma 12-24mm on a Nikon D800E and a Panasonic 7-14mm on a Panasonic G6 and in both those cases I've had to do much more Photoshop work than I had to do with the Fuji.

I also found that the lens worked very well with the little flash gun that came with the X-T1. Some of the above are shot with the camera and lens on a tripod and some hand held with 2nd. curtain flash. Can you tell which is which?

This all bodes well for the future and I'm really looking forward to using this lens over the next couple of days as the weather is supposed to be very good. As I wrote yesterday this is yet another superb Fuji X lens. Following on from the 14mm which I think is excellent also Fuji seem to have sorted out the problems with these wide-angle lenses and this is easily the best W/A zoom I've used. It's sharp to the corners and really well corrected. I tried some conversions in Photo Ninja which 'bypasses' the lens profile in Photoshop and there is a small amount of distortion, but not very much at all. This is eliminated in Photoshop. 

My previous favourite lens of this type was the Panasonic 7-14mm, but this is a better performing lens. When you realise that the Fuji is only marginally less wide than the Lumix but extends further, has OIS built into in, is not that much heavier and bigger and costs roughly the same, you get some idea of what good value it is. Architectural photographers will love this as it gives a super-wide view without many of the usual problems. 

I wrote in a previous post about how this is all getting a bit boring. Another Fuji lens, another superb performer. But of course it isn't boring at all. Fuji keep turning out these optics that are so good that all you have to do is attach them to a body and get on with shooting pictures. And as I indicated yesterday I can't think of another system that has produced a collection of lenses that are both what phographers want and are so consistently good. To be honest I never imagined I would have such a stellar collection of AF primes and zooms for what is, in terms of someone who does this for a living, not a huge amount of money. Sure, these are not cheap lenses, but in terms of what you get for your cash, they are very reasonable. And I have no hesitation in saying that the 10-24mm is most definitely a 'professional' grade lens. 

Today after a cock-up between WEX photographic and Parcelforce (yet another!!) my 56mm f/1.2 should arrive a day late (though I'm not counting on it!). I said this was going to be a fun weekend and it is just that, but also a very satisfying weekend as well I suspect. Satisfying in the sense that despite all my reservations about raw files processing, I'm really glad that I've stuck with the Fuji X-Trans sensor. The Fujinon lenses really are the 'Jewel in the Crown' of this system and I'm looking forward to years of picture-taking with them. Not something I've written that often in the past, if at all.

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