Fuji 10-24mm compared to Panasonic 7-14mm

Since I've just sold my Panasonic 7-14mm and will be posting it off tomorrow I took the opportunity to compare it with the Fuji 10-24mm. And this is what I found.

First off I should say that they aren't that different in size. They aren't that different in price either. The Fuji has OIS built in, the Panasonic doesn't but can take advantage of IBIS in the GX7 and all Olympus m4/3 cameras. Both are f/4 throughout their zoom range. Both have lens profiles applied automatically in Photoshop ACR (CS6)

The Panasonic gives a much more 'dramatic' field of view. Horizontally they are about the same but vertically you can see a significant difference.

The edges / corners of the Fuji 10-24mm are closer to the centre in terms of sharpness than the Panasonic 7-14mm.

The Panasonic also has more distortion even after the lens profile is added. It's marginal but it is there. Look at the lines of the shelf and the pots. This is after all not surprising, it is a 7mm lens after all, no matter what the crop factor.

So two very good lenses and both are superb examples of optical engineering. Neither is corrected that much with the lens profiles and both provide sharp results. For amazing perspective and the sheer 'wow' factor you can't really beat the 7-14mm, but for my purposes the more 'sedate' 10-24mm suits my needs better. For starters it goes out to a moderate wide-angle, the distortion and edge / corner sharpness is better (though not by much) and the X-Trans sensor suits me much better and allows me to shoot in more situations, more particularly in those with lower light. 

I shall be sorry to see the 7-14mm go. (It was my fourth!!) and I may well have another at some point in the future, but the 10-24mm is a better option for me currently, for the simple reason that I can use it in more situations without having to carry a tripod and I really don't need that super wide look. 

But if you are locked into the m4/3 system, then you have an amazing lens to work with. And if you're a m4/3 fan and you don't have one, why not?!?!

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