Fuji 10-24mm f/4 zoom and Photoshop lens 'corrections'

Camera Raw (latest version) in Photoshop CS6

As is the way these days the 10-24mm has some lens 'corrections' applied in Photoshop ACR. By comparing the same image processed in Photo Ninja and in the Adobe software you can see that some very minor barrel distortion and vignetting is removed. The Photo Ninja file is slightly bigger, by .8MB (46.5MB as opposed to 45.7MB)

As you can see the vignetting is obvious, the distortion less so. If you click on the comparison file, enlarge it and look round the edges you will see what's happening. This is very common these days with virtually every lens currently available having something like this applied. This includes Canon, Nikon, Zeiss and even Hassleblad lenses. There are very few lenses that don't have this now and it gets applied automatically in Photoshop raw conversions and of course the OOC jpgs. have had it applied in camera. 

Some think this is the 'work of the devil' others like myself have no problem with it. 'Perfect' lenses would all cost the same as the Zeiss 55mm Otus. Well actually more, because even that lens has a 'correction' profile as well. Plus as you can see from the marginal size difference the files are created slightly bigger to allow these 'corrections' to happen, so ultimately we actually don't loose anything. To a certain extent every lens made has some 'faults' and I believe it's actually a good thing that these corrections are offered. As you can see it is very minor and I'm much more interested in the final result. 

Just out of interest it is possible to apply these 'corrections' manually in Photoshop should I wish to do so with my Photo Ninja conversions.

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