Panasonic GX7 Owner assessment - Part 9 - choc full of rangefinderness.

I know it's not a real rangefinder, even though it's got this split screen thingamy in the viewfinder for manual focusing, but it definitely has lots of 'rangfinderness' in it's design aesthetic. It does feel very Leica like as well. For me easily the most solid feeling Panasonic m4/3 ever and pretty classy as well. 

I did one of my occasional 'fruit shoots' today, and decided, for no particular reason to use my Vogtlander 20mm and Nikon Series E 100mm.

Images were nice and sharp and I particularly like the bokeh on the 100mm. And if I am going to keep all these cameras and lenses then I might as well use them. I should make it clear that it's not the case that I don't want to use them, quite the reverse, it's this situation that having the Sony FE's, particularly the A7r, I feel almost duty bound to use it (them) They do have the highest pixel count and the best image quality, but they aren't necessarily the ones I enjoy using the most. 

I'm really happy with what I've got currently (Really!!) and there's a nice mix of rangefinder and small film SLR lookalikes. Now these are very much my favourite camera designs and I'm looking forward to tomorrows Fuji X-T1 arrival. The other thing that is preventing me from getting rid of anything is that all of the cameras I currently own, apart from the X-M1 which IS going, are really nice to handle and use for extended periods of time, including the Sony's with their grips attached. 

The GX7 is no exception. The rather nice leather half case (3rd. party from Amazon) gives it a really luxurious appearance and it's nothing like the hampster finger oversized matchbox design of many of the mirrorless micro cameras that gadgeteers get so excited about and leave me stone cold. It's very much a photographers camera designed to please the eye and the hand as well as taking a decent snap. And it's most definitely one to wear with pride and not hide away in a pocket nestling up against your loose change. For me that's a good thing and for the life of me I can't understand why some people object to a camera that has to be carried and seen. It's almost like the 'in your pocket' brigade are ashamed of being photographers. Odd.

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