Panasonic GX7 Owner assessment - Part 5 - The ultimate travel photographers outfit? Lumix 7-14mm and 14-140mm lenses

I finally got out to try the GX7 with 14-140mm and 7-14mm lenses and I was mightily impressed. Now I might be seeing what I want to see and I'll have to do some tests but these files strike me as slightly cleaner and sharper than what I've been getting from my GH3. However this could just be because of my new raw processing presets. I must admit that this new way of 'developing' my m4/3 raw files has rekindled my enthusiasm for the system. I'm getting some great results which are just perfect for my picture libraries. Smooth and noise free but sharp and with rich colour. The poor high ISO performance of the format doesn't really impact on me and I have to say I'm now getting low ISO files from my Panasonics that are more attractive to me than anything I can get from my Fuji X cameras, even with Photo Ninja.

The combinations were nice to use, the cameras AF is very fast and combined with the electronic shutter getting the pictures onto the card was quick and easy. Even though I've had some problems with other examples of it in the past the IBIS seems to be well sorted out. I will admit it's very handy for the camera to switch automatically between lens OIS and IBIS without me doing anything. I didn't have to use any slowish shutter speeds but it's nice to know it's there if I need it. For the most part I left the camera set on programme mode. This lets me get on with what's important, composing and shooting. I've always had great faith in how Panasonic implement this anyway and over the years I've come to trust what their cameras come up with. It was a bright sunny day  so I was getting plenty of DOF and the camera was setting apertures that I would have, so there was little need to switch to other shooting options.

So the ultimate travel photographers outfit? Well pretty close. It's small, light and has great image quality. The files are easily capable of upsizing. I'm currently making mine 21MP, which is a small increase and looses virtually no sharpness. So unless you are shooting a lot of pictures in low light and work mostly outdoors in good light as I do, then I can't see that there is a better outfit on the market currently for active photographers who spend their time walking and shooting pictures. 

I must conclude by stating yet again just how good these lenses are. The 14-140mm doesn't get much attention surprisingly, but my lens of the year 2013 is a real stunner. Superzooms just aren't supposed to be this good. And the 7-14mm is just a wonderful lens. I've never used another ultra wide-angle that is this sharp and even across the frame. In the past I've tended to use lenses like this only occasionally, but I'm using this one a lot more. 

It can produce some crazy results, particularly at the 7mm end, but with a bit of thought and some Photoshop corrections it is capable of some great shots and is very useful in working in tight spots and producing images that show the location off with little distortion and with a very natural look.

So a good day. I have no idea when I will get out again since the weather is very volatile here. Considering what some people are having to put up with I feel a bit guilty enjoying this low pressure jet stream light as much as I do. This is pretty much the best winter I've ever had in terms of results and it's all due to these relentless gales and storms racing across the Atlantic towards us. So while some are having a miserable time, I'm producing some great work. So I guess these ill winds are blowing me some good at least!

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