Panasonic GX7 Owner assessment - Part 3 - First 'Real World' use with Olympus 17mm f/1.8

All images / video Panasonic GX7 Olympus 17mm f/1.8

Using the GX7 was pretty much as I expected it to be. It's fast and a pleasure to use. The EVF does work with polarised sunglasses. There is some shading in the viewfinder when I'm using the camera horizontally but I can see well enough to compose. AF locks on quickly and accurately and despite freezing cold hands I was able to change what I needed to. 

Not much else to say really. The only difference between this and all the other m4/3 cameras I've used is the different body shape. I didn't hit anything by mistake so that's OK in terms of layout, the camera even with the small Olympus lens felt nice in the hand and I liked the grip and overall feel. 

Results were as expected. I mostly shot at ISO 125. The pictures were typical m4/3. Very nice at base / low ISO settings. OK up to ISO 800 but as per usual I'd never want to go higher than that for what I do. However for general domestic use you could certainly go higher. I'm sure I'll do some ISO comparisons with the GH3 and a Fuji at some point, so I'll leave that for then. But all in all I was happy with what I got in terms of image quality. Certainly a very positive first outdoor use.

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