Panasonic GX7, Fuji X-E2 and Sony A7 image quality comparison.

From left to right these are the GX7, the X-E2 and the A7, same order below with the 100% blowups. All shot at ISO 200, f/6.3. The jpgs. were all set to STANDARD. Raw files all with identical processing. The top set are OOC jpgs. The bottom set raw files via Photoshop ACR.

Lenses used - GX7 - Olympus 17mm, X-E2 - 18-55mm zoom, A7 - 28-70mm zoom.

Full size high resolution available HERE in a .zip file from Google Drive.

Interesting results. I deliberately chose decent lenses, but not the very best. Shows quite clearly the noise / sharpness trade off. The Fuji X files are the cleanest but the softest. All jpgs. are cleaner but show softer results than processing from raw. It yet again demonstrates that under ideal conditions and using a tripod images  from different sensors, even those with higher pixel counts, show more similarities than differences. All three cameras produce files that are capable of high level reproduction. 

Of course it does have to be remembered that the A7 file, which is marginally the sharpest, is a bigger file and so can be reproduced larger and / or cropped and that these are all shot at ISO 200. At higher ISO's files from the Fuji X-E2 would certainly show an advantage.

This is a preliminary set of tests from a much more detailed comparison of these three camera systems that I'm currently putting together. I'm particularly interested in doing a serious batch of tests between the Fuji X and m4/3 systems, since they are the same pixel count. These are the two systems / sensors that probably generate more internet column inches than anything else so I thought it might be interesting and useful to do an ongoing appraisal of both and see the strengths and weaknesses of each. 

In the meantime, below is a shot I took outside my front door yesterday with my GX7 and 7-14mm zoom. Sometimes the pictures do come to us.

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