My Mirrorless Choice(s) - Fuji X-E2 and/or Fuji X-M1 and/or Sony A7 and/or Panasonic GX7 - Part 4 - Fuji X - Beauty and the Beast.

I love using my Fuji X cameras. I love the whole lookaleica aesthetic. I love the look of the files. I love the Fuji lenses. I really want an X-T1. I love the high ISO performance. I really want an X-T1. By the way did I say I really want an X-T1.

And yet despite all this the Fuji X system is the least suitable for my core work. I use high ISO's very rarely, though it is useful for keeping shutter speeds high and apertures narrow. The raw file conversion workflow I have to use is far from ideal. The battery life is terrible. For the kind of work I do my other formats, including m4/3, give me results that are sharper and more 'commercial' looking than my Fuji X stuff, and yet I still really want that X-T1.

I knew this would be the most problematic of my camera choices which is why I left it until last. This 'problem' is made worse by the fact that I can if I want, keep everything I have. After last years problems financially things are a lot healthier now and though it's not ideal I can afford not to sell my Fuji X gear (or anything else for that matter.) But there is the issue, that in the light of what I'm getting from my Sony A7 and A7r, and the performance of lenses like the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 and the Sony Zeiss 55mm f/1.8, just how much will I use these other formats? Is my Fuji X system now a 'luxury' item? an indulgence? It's not as though it's really any lighter or smaller than the Sony's. The 55-200mm isn't exactly either a small or light lens, or the sharpest I've ever used for that matter. However I get enormous pleasure from using it. So here it is again, that old head versus heart dilemma.

It might help if I was a photographer who did a certain kind of paying work and could then own and use a 'personal' system to have fun with and shoot what I really love shooting. Because of how I make a living my 'personal work' is my professional work as well. I'm in the situation where I can shoot what I want, how I want and with whatever gear I want. Plus all my picture making / taking is fun anyway. None of it is a chore, none of it is something to be got out of the way so I can get on with what I really enjoy. And I'm lucky to be able to do that. I certainly won't get rich doing this, but there are far more important things than money.

So how do I resolve this? The simplest way is of course just to do nothing and leave my camera shelf in its current state, which is that there is hardly enough room to get everything on it! I am somewhat spoilt for choice with the cameras and lenses I currently have and I'm in the unfortunate position of being really happy with what I currently have. Unfortunate because I don't want to sell any of it. It has taken a lot of chopping and changing to get to this and I do know that if I sell a lot of it off I'll probably regret it but then I've never seen much point in keeping gear that I rarely use. So how does someone who sees money in the bank as an opportunity to try a new camera or a new lens deal with this?

Well the answer is I simply don't know. My look at what I have and where I want to go with the gear I have has pretty much resulted in my keeping everything. Now I did say this might happen. But then I guess nobody out there reading this will be that disappointed if my head versus heart dilemma ends up being unresolved and ongoing. After all, that's probably why you're reading this now.

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