Format and sensor wars? What format and sensor wars? Sony A7r 55mm f/1.8 and limited DOF.

I love the opportunity to be able to work with different formats. From m4/3 with it's extensive DOF to the differential focus and bokeh of 35mm / 'Full-Frame'. There are signs of Spring here in the UK and every year I relish the beauty and colour of crocuses as they signify the end of another winter. Spring is my favourite season, both spiritually (it lifts my spirits) and photographically (I love Spring light.) And while endless summer is undeniably appealing, I've always thought the hope, promise and rebirth that Spring gives us should last longer than a few months.

So moving on from that Wordsworthian outburst my favourite way to photograph flowers is from a low angle. And while I love the drama that a wide angle can produce, these shots with the Sony / Carl Zeiss 55mm f1.8 lens are also very appealing. It is an absolutely stunning lens, even wide-open and at wide apertures and the point of focus on the shots above is breathtakingly sharp. 

For me, the crocuses and the snowdrops are the hors d'oeuvre and the daffodils are the main meal. They are almost ready to burst through here and I always look forward to seeing the ground covered in that yellow glory. Today is my birthday, but with the numbers involved not really a cause for celebration, but every year it does have a significance for me in that it's another year gone (too many unfortunately) and time to start another. I've always thought that the 1st. March should be new year since it's when things seem to start up again. And since it coincides with when I originally started it has a particular significance for me. 

So on this bucolic, reflective note I'll leave it there. Tomorrow there will probably be a return to cheap digs at the pomposities of the photographic internet, but it's always worth while to have these interludes when I realise why I embarked on this photographic journey in the first place. 

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