The Sony A7r annoys everybody

Sony A7r - Sigma 35mm f/1.4

One of the things I like about the Sony A7r is it seems to annoy everybody from those who use large ultra macho DSLR's to those who are fond of secreting a small mirrorless in their clothing. Since with it's various lens permutations it can sort of resemble both of those but then sort of doesn't it's also a bit of a misfit. Plus it looks odd and complicated with the a-mount adapter attached and I like that too. Not sure I like the attention it gets since every photographer I pass gives it a good look, but it is something of an oddball and for me none the worse for that.

And while I've been posting a lot lately about how gear isn't that important and it's the pictures that count I wouldn't like anybody to get the wrong message. Firstly it doesn't mean that I in anyway endorse phone photography or even think it's legitimate to use one and call yourself a photographer and secondly there is no doubt a great deal of pleasure to be had from using the best cameras and lenses I can afford to accomplish my 'vision'. 

A truly gifted guitar player can make anything sound good, but when they exercise their expertise on a 1958 Tiger Stripe Gibson Les Paul Standard the gods of creativity purr with pleasure. And when those of us who aspire have the opportunity to use the best, we are duty bound to do the best with it. Now while I can't afford the guitar (not even close unfortunately) I can afford the A7r and the Sigma and in terms of my photography all that's left to do is to go out and attempt to both justice.

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