The irresistible appeal of the Fuji X system - Fuji X-E2 - 16-50mm and 55-200mm lenses.
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Well irresistable to me that is. Despite all sorts of initial reservations about AF speed, menu layouts and raw file file processing the Fuji X cameras are ones I keep coming back to time after time. With the constant firmware upgrades the system is vastly improved from the one I started with back in the Spring of 2012. And despite the poor battery life, the cameras have virtually everything I want and like using. Yesterday was another occasion when I roamed the mean streets of Stratford-upon-Avon looking for those 'decisive moments'. This time with the 16-50mm and 55-200mm zooms. 

For no obvious reason I decided to shoot Black and White jpgs. alongside the raw files and chose the Red Filter simulation. I do like high contrast, chiaroscuro black and white rather than shades of grey and the light yesterday gave me the chance to do that. I got some shots I was pleased with, particularly the motorcyclist with canine accessory picture. 

Despite being seriously impressed by the Sony A7 and A7r, the Fuji's are still my cameras of choice for handling. Shooting at ISO 200 and 500 with the OIS from the lenses gave me all the speed and stability I needed to work quickly. The 16-50mm performed well up to expectation and is like all the Fuji lenses I've owned and used, top class. And this of course poses one of my constant dilemmas. I'd love more Fuji lenses and the new X-Ti and I also want to keep everything else. However I probably can't do both and it's my usual situation of whether to go with what I like using versus what I think I should be using, bearing in mind I do this for a living. I imagine I'm never going to rationalise that however, so I'll just keep going like I am at the moment I guess. Makes for some interesting posts at least!

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