'Still the world's best JPEG sensor and the world's worst RAW sensor.' FUJI X-M1 compared to SONY A7r

As an hors d'oeuvre to tomorrows official launch of the Fuji X-M1, I thought I'd do a little test. Prompted by one of those 'informed' comments about Fuji X cameras on a forum. 'Still the world's best JPEG sensor and the world's worst RAW sensor.' Yes the usual insightful opinion we've all come to expect. Add in to this those scamps over at Dpreview and their rubbishing of Sony A7 jpgs. and I thought I'd compare my Sony A7r + Sigma f/1.4 lens and my Fuji X-M1 and the plastic mount 16-50mm kit zoom. 

Shot at f/6.4 on both cameras. I was intending to process both the raw files in Photo Ninja but PN still doesn't support the Sony, so I used Photoshop for that and PN for the Fuji. For the jpg. comparison I downsized the Sony file and for the raw file I 'split the difference' upsizing the Fuji and downsizing the Sony. ISO 200 for the X-M1 and ISO 100 for the A7r.

Here's the jpg. comparison. Fuji is the top one.

Here is the raw version.

No big deal here, no great analysis, just a little example of how proper exposure and processing can challenge these repeated assumptions that plague the photographic internet. This is after all a relatively cheap kit lens versus one of the best lenses you can currently buy, showing how marginal some of these differences can be. 

Now some of us work in those margins and can see and get the benefit from these differences, but ultimately it's down to the user. Those who spout their second-hand opinions usually never bother to check their validity anyway and as I often write, closed minds, fixed attitudes and creativity don't mix. In simple terms if you don't question what you read how will be able to question what you see?

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