Soundimageplus to remain multi-format

 SONY A7r VOIGTLANDER 20mm f/3.5
 FUJI X-E2 55-200mm
PANASONIC GH3 14-140mm

It's that time of year again, when I have to complete my tax return. Or rather my accountant has to. Unlike last year when I had a much larger than expected bill and consequently sold a lot of gear, this year has seen a reversal of that. I have paid a substantial sum in advance for this year so I won't actually have any more to find. 

So this means that having prepared myself to make some decisions I really didn't want to I will be keeping everything and continuing to use and write about 35mm / 'Full-frame' with my Sonys, APS-C with my Fuji's and m4/3 with my Panasonic and who knows what in the future. I'm also keeping all the adapters and all the lenses, so I'll still be heavily into 'mix and match' as usual.

Now this has cheered me up considerably since I'm actually very happy with what I have currently. Overkill yes, more than I need certainly, but I do find using a new combination every time I go out stimulating and making me exercise my creative powers, such as they are. I also see advantages and disadvantages from each system and I like the challenges that each poses. So if you've ever been curious about how something like the combination below might work - Fuji X-M1 + 55-200mm zoom then stay tuned, you might just find out. But then again...........

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