Sony A7r - Voigtlander 20mm - Point and Shoot

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Lately I've been driving around chasing patches of blue sky in this stormy, jet stream influenced, run of low pressure systems that have been dominating the UK weather for some time now. I eventually found the sun yesterday at Broadway village on the edge of the English Cotswolds. However it was freezing cold yet again with an icy wind. Not wishing to spend another afternoon with my fingers slowly going numb from focusing a very cold metal lens barrel I decided to use  'hyperfocal distance' or 'zone focusing' for the pictures. I set the lens and Metabones adapter up as in the picture below.

This meant that everything from just over 28" to infinity was in acceptable focus. To be honest I hadn't checked this out or tested it, so to a large extent it was something of an experiment and while it was something I used all the time with film cameras, I had often found that it wasn't that successful with diigital. However, unlike lenses without aperture rings and AF motors, the Voigtlander has a very accurate distance scale, with infinity being spot on. The Metabones adapter is also accurately made and doesn't affect the lens, so I was pretty sure that it was going to work. 

So I did actually end up with a 'point and shoot' camera / lens combination, and took a whole series of shots without focusing once. And with the lens being a 20mm and the aperture at f/11 I got extensive depth of field. I also discovered when I got home that I had incredibly sharp pictures as well. So I can see that this combination is going to get a LOT of use. 

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