Sony A7r - No more Mr. nice guy!

Another set of artefact riddled, posterized, crudely sharpened and lacklustre images from the A7r. (See Here) This time with my Minolta 24-105 zoom fitted via a LA-EA4 a-mount to e-mount adapter. The Google+ album is HERE.

So before I was rudely interrupted by Dpreview demonstrating that they are no longer a valuable, trusted review site (Thus proving conclusively that once you let people who can't make a living as photographers loose on reviewing cameras you end up with this self-justifying bullshit) I was writing about my camera choices. Because my camera shelf currently looks like this.

N.B. I do apologise for the quality of this image, since all my cameras are obviously in the picture. So I took it with an iPad, which has the distinction of making the images shot on my Blackberry look good. Which isn't saying much. In fact nothing at all. Why do people put up with this? Do they really want to document their life experiences with junk cameras like this? However I digress. Plus you can just about see what's there through the smudgy noise. (Really nasty colours too (or lack of them) Is that part of the 'charm'?)

So two Sony FE's, four Fuji X's and a GH3 plus more lenses and adapters than a box of frogs. Now lots of this is becoming redundant and I would need some time to explore all the alternatives. So it's rationalisation time. Now some of them are hanging on because they look nice, but I've decided it's time for no more Mr. Nice Guy. (I am obviously being satirical here!) Time to stop acting like some talentless hobbyist who cares more about their gear than their pictures (or Dpreview reviewer. Come to think of it aren't they the same th...) and sort out exactly what's doing the business and what's self-indulgent fanboy fluff. 

And what of course is rationalisation decision No.1? Yes you guessed it, the Sony A7r and A7 are the best things since sliced bread. (Not that Kingsmill bread and the like - you know that stuff that tastes like blotting paper - is any good at taking pictures.) And despite the ridiculously inept attempt by Dpreview to rubbish these cameras (well at least the A7) they are in my opinion the best you can get for image quality. But before continuing I feel compelled to digress again.

Have you seen Dpreviews alleged posterization examples? The question actually being can anyone actually see what's supposed to have happened? For example is there supposed to be something we can see in those purple rectangles? I cranked my monitor screen up to maximum brightness and still.... nothing. So what exactly is the point here. There's a huge blowup from a shot taken at ISO 6400 which shows something. Not a lot and nothing I've not seen before on lots of other cameras. Now this is all actually bogus. It might be understandable if this crap was published on some hectoring fanboy blog. (Totally unlike this one of course!!) You know the one by some bloke named after a vase and that other one who works for Olympus but pretends he doesn't. But this is Dpreview for Gods sake. The one we all (or used to) take seriously. Or at least I did. Maybe Sony don't advertise enough on Amazon. Who knows. Anyway back to the point of all this. (You mean there is one?)

Yes I return to the A7 and A7r. Great sensors, not such great cameras. And yes I do agree with Dpreview about many of the operational and system aspects of the FE's. The ridiculous defaulting to 1/60th. sec. all the time when using auto ISO, the clunky shutters, not supplying a battery charger and of course the lack of native AF lenses being my particular hates. But this is after all the photographic equivalent of a paintbrush and paint or a guitar and amplifier, pretty useless on their own but in the hands of someone who knows how to use them a tool to thrill the senses. And despite seemingly the entire photographic internet being more concerned about the minutiae of noise levels at ISO 1600 between camera brands that produce virtually identical results, there are some of us who are more concerned about taking pictures. So for me, I'll make the effort and put up with what I have to to get that superb image quality. So they are probably staying.

As to the question of the rest, I'll just have to person up (no sexism here!) and come to some decision as to what to keep. However, my brain hurts from all this tough decision making, so I'll finish here. Still got a lot sorted out though. The A7 and A7r are probably staying. Phew! When the going gets tough the tough get going!!! and I sure know how to cut the crap and get down to some real serious forward planning. I'm not known as the 'Wolf of Worcestershire' for nothing you know.

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