Sony A7r and stunning winter light

The jet stream is locked on top of the UK. Gales and heavy rain are racing across the Atlantic causing storms, flooding and serious damage. Fortunately where I live has (up to now) missed the worst of it. As a consequence of this weather the air is fresh and clear and because I live far away from a major city and heavy industry the air lets the sun light everything like a laser. This afternoon I spent a fruitless hour or two chasing a patch of blue sky and was about to give up when about an hour before sunset I could see it was clearing from the west and I prepared myself for what I hoped was going to be a burst of spectacular winter light. My hopes were fulfilled.
All images Sony A7r - Voigtlander 20mm and Nikon 100mm lenses.

Fortunately, I haven't taken the advice of those internet equivalents of the people who knock on your door, ask you what you think about God and then attempt to preach to you and tell you you're living your life all wrong and I haven't sent my 'toy' camera back. You know the one that m4/3 'trounces' in terms of image quality. As you can see, by some miracle these images are incredibly sharp, have great dynamic range and absolutely wonderful colour. Funny that. 

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