Sony A7 and A7r - The cameras that like to say yes.

Its almost a photographic catechism - Buying a 'better' camera doesn't mean you take 'better' photographs. Except that in my case I'm really pleased with what I'm coming up with using the Sony's. They do seem to be inspiring me. Could be coincidental with the dramatic winter light, could be the fact that using manual focus primes all the time slows me down and forces me to think very carefully about what I'm shooting and it could be that I'm wanting in some way to 'do justice' to the sensors. Or any combination of the above. But whatever the reason I'm enjoying using them enormously because of this and producing some of my best work for ages.

I used to go on two and three week trips to Europe shooting travel images for my own picture library and those who sold my work. With the cost of film and processing I often ended up with a bill for all that in excess of £1500. Bearing that in mind I used to very circumspect about pressing the shutter, since if I was using a medium format camera for example, every time I did that, the cash register in my head used to go 'ching' indicating that I'd spent another £1. That does focus your mind somewhat and I'd often take great care over my compositions. I would also be very wary about what the film in my camera could handle in terms of dynamic range and it's been the case that digital capture didn't seem to have even that capability. Until now. 

There seems little that the A7 and A7r can't handle. Difficult lighting with deep shadows and bright highlights prove no problem. And maybe that is the answer as to why I'm so positive about what I'm shooting with these cameras. Instead of keeping in mind how my cameras will render what I see and adjusting my composition accordingly, I can now take what I want, safe in the knowledge that the cameras have captured a raw image that has all the information needed to make a balanced finished product that reflects what I see with my eyes. Unlike other cameras that say, 'maybe', or 'not on your life' when I see what I think will make a great picture, these are the cameras that like to say 'yes'.

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