Sony A7 / A7r and the a-mount 'solution'

Now I really didn't think that my answer to the lack of lens availability for the Sony 35mm / Full Frame sensor e-mount cameras would be with a huge Sigma lens and a collection of old S/H Minoltas. I was assuming that I would carrying on with my manual focus Nikons for a while. But now I'm thinking of selling these such has been the success of attaching these AF lenses via the LA-EA4 adapter. And while I am certainly prepared to criticise Sony for their lack of lenses and the generally average qualilty of what they do offer, I'm prepared to give them full credit for this adapter.

My ancient Minoltas give me good solid AF. Not the quickest out there but certainly not the slowest either. I'm happy with it and I would suggest all but the most demanding of sports and action photographers would probably be happy with it to. And yes the adapter adds bulk and a certain 'clunkiness' to the whole thing, but it works and it works well. I'm also certainly appreciating just what Adobe Camera Raw can do in Photoshop to 'clean up' and sharpen the images from these Minoltas. While they are certainly decent lenses ACR turns them into very good lenses. I'm not using the jpgs. from the Sony FE cameras as I can with the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 because the Minoltas have a fair amount of CA and fringing and most of the files do require some extra sharpening, but the resulting images are very good indeed and much better than I'd hoped. Now I'd love to be able to AF my Nikon primes because they do still produce cleaner images and 'out of the box' are sharper, but unfortunately it's MF only. And I must admit I have missed AF on the Sony's much more than I thought I would. Plus I am so impressed by the Sigma 35mm that's it's put the Nikons in the shade somewhat.

It's partly the cold weather and using numb fingers and partly the fact that I do miss pictures by manually focusing lenses all the time, but it's a much more pleasurable experience using these AF lenses and lets me concentrate on the picture making without distraction. Yesterday was a case in point. I dropped my wife Ann off for an appointment and I had 1/2 an hour or so in a nearby forest and heathland area. It was sunny but again very cold and I used the A7 + Minolta 35-70mm I had taken with me. Again this lens performed beyond expectations after running the files through ACR and I got some shots I was pleased with.
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