Some Fuji X-M1 pictures - The upcoming X-T1

Above are links to some frost pictures taken with my X-M1 and 60mm macro lens. The lack of viewfinder and the AF 'hunting' of the 60mm made this a difficult task and there were quite a few shots with missed focus and camera shake. As with all the Fuji X cameras, image quality was excellent, even at higher ISO's, but hand-held close-up work is something I find difficult at the best of times. However macro photography is something I do very very rarely. Nice shots though.

As expected there are more X-T1 pictures emerging. Good news (for me) - There is definitely a battery grip, you can see the contacts on picture of the bottom of the camera, the OLED EVF and screen promise to be very good indeed and unlike Nikon, Olympus and Sony Fuji seem to have got the small film SLR look right in terms of layout and manual controls from the pictures. It does look very promising and should be the closest Fuji have so far got to a pro. spec. camera. Bad news is the rumoured price. Around the £1000 mark I suspect.

However, this is a camera I'm sure I'll be getting. Certainly since getting the X-E1 in March last year, and following the gradual evolution of the X system via new models, lenses and those firmware upgrades, I've kept everything Fuji I've bought for some time, which is unusual for me and again unusually I seem to like the system more the longer I have it. 

An example of how it works for me was illustrated yesterday. After a gap of some time I took out my Panasonic GH3 + 7-14mm and 14-140mm lenses. I got some great images which I'll publish later today. I've also, after years of trying finally found a set of raw processing parameters for m4/3 I'm really happy with.  However when I got home, looked at the results and compared them with the Fuji X-E2 shots I took the day before, I realised that I was getting the same image quality from the Fuji at ISO 500 that I was getting from the Panasonic at ISO 125. I've never used the GH3 for stock shooting at anything higher than that and unless some m4/3 sensor miracle happens then I don't believe I'll ever use the cameras at anything other than base ISO for my core work. Plus not having used the GH3 since the Fuji AF updates I realised that AF speeds in terms of locking accurately on the targets are now about the same.

And then of course there is the handling.The GH3's EVF isn't that great. Nothing ever seems to be in sharp focus. It is, but I can't see it. Plus my Fuji's are sublime to shoot with when fitted with my PhotoMadd L-Plate grips. They are also light, without feeling flimsy and I find the layout works much better for me. The GH3 suffers, as far as I'm concerned, from too many small buttons in the wrong places. Plus, though I didn't use it yesterday, the lack of focus peaking is a serious omission. In terms of ultimate image quality both the m4/3 and Fuji X systems suffer in terms of ultimate image quality against the Sony A7r, but that has to concede defeat at higher ISO settings to the Fuji's.

Plus I'm just enjoying using the X-E1, X-E2, X-Pro 1 and even the X-M1 so much. These are real smile on my face when I'm out shooting cameras. I really admire the A7r and it's fabulous image quality, but you may have noticed that I'm going back to the Fuji's again. And this does seem to keep on happening. They seem to see off all the other cameras I use. And that used to happen for me with m4/3, but I'm now thinking that my love affair with those cameras is finally over. Certainly yesterday, out with the GH3, all I could think about was I wished I'd bought one of my Fujis with me. 

So I'm looking forward to the new Fuji X-T1 and I'm hoping there is nothing silly that Fuji have done. But then as time passes they seem to be more and more tuned in to what I want as a photographer and I'd go so far as to say that I think they are the most photographer friendly camera manufacturer out there. I used to think it was Sony and they certainly do listen to what people want apart from the obvious 'blind spot', lenses, but terrific as my A7r images, I still haven't bonded with the camera. And that has a lot to do with the FF thing, the size of the lenses required and the combination of too small a body to hold comfortably without the grip. Plus Sony's constant desire to come up with something different in the design department doesn't always work that well. Fuji, however seem to copy the best bits of old cameras and then improve them. The updated rangefinder designs of the X's are certainly something I find really comfortable to use. 

All of the above is certainly not something I would have imagined writing after my less than satisfactory experiences with my original X-Pro 1, with it's painful AF and poor raw file conversion options. But things have improved dramatically since then and I now really like using that same X-Pro 1 I was tempted to throw against a wall sometimes. Just shows what you can do if you try.

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