Readers Albums - Google+ communities

I'm posting some links to various albums posted by members of the various Google+ communities I've started.

There are 6.

Now I'd like to publish more readers work in the future and move the blog towards partly being a more community based resource. Now on these groups as you see there are lots of single images, but what I'd like for the purposes of posting here is for people to group their work into albums like the ones above. Now these can be projects, pictures that have a particular theme or show a particular lens or technique etc. or just a collection of your favourites taken over a period of time. If you could also please write some brief notes about the album.

I'm pretty relaxed about you linking to your own blog or website etc. but no spam please and if I think the images are innappropriate I won't post them (No criteria, just my call I'm afraid). I don't even have some of the cameras anymore but that's fine. I do take an interest in all the groups however and I'd like to see this work reach a wider audience. 

Google+ is a nice showcase for images and it would be great to have more emphasis on the pictures we all produce rather than constantly banging on about gear. So please get posting on a regular basis and I'll do the same until hopefully 2014 is the year of a revival of photography as opposed to gear ownership. And since taking and viewing photographs is what it should be all about anyway, lets see if we can encourage each other to produce some special work this year.

And of course make sure that you let all your Facebook, twitter and Google+ contacts know about this too. Hopefully we can spread the word that the photographic internet is about something more than bickering about which is the best camera or lens.

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