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I was honoured and flattered by a request to do an interview with MirrorLessons. This is a part of an ongoing series called Mirrorless on the job which interviews professional photographers who use those cameras. 

The site has been going for a year and is a nice blend of enthusiast and professional perspectives. Above all it's very much a site that promotes the joy of taking pictures and using mirrorless cameras. I particularly like the professional perspective which isn't pitched in the  'I'm a pro so I'm right and you WILL take what I say seriously' style of so many. Plus unlike some other 'pro' sites It's obvious they aren't doing it because they feel they have to in order to get readers.

The site is run by Heather and Mathieu who both live in Italy which are two good reasons for me to like the site since it's something different from the often relentless male, U.S. based review sites and blogs that dominate the photographic internet. It's also written in a very accessible way and is full of pictures. They discovered my blog recently and contacted me and I then discovered them. And I'm glad they did. If you like 'real world' reviewing and a non lecturing style, then check it out. You just might like what you see.

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