Fuji X-T1 announced officially

LINK TO FUJI RUMORS lots of reviews pictures etc.
(Plus congrats to Patrick for sniffing out all the details
on this ages ago. Almost 100% spot-on.)

The Fuji X System just got VERY serious. If this all works as Fuji claim we may well have the ultimate mirrorless camera. What the Nikon Df should have been. A flexible modular system, mouth-watering EVF specs + lots of other goodies. Let's hope we don't have to wait for lots of firmware updates to get it working properly. f/2.8 'pro' spec. zooms to come plus the existing Fuji lens range make this an exciting prospect and a genuine all-round professional work tool. Why on earth would you buy an E-M1 when you can have all this AND the Fuji X-Trans sensor. (If it all works of course) The real deal? On paper yes. In the real world? I'll let you know when mine arrives.

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