I've pre-ordered a Nikon D3300

Yesterday I ordered a Nikon D3300 and 18-55mm lens. Having checked that it does in fact have the D7100 sensor and edited a few D7100 images I still have outstanding just to confirm what I already thought, I decided that £599 to get that image quality in a small light package was too good to miss.

That D7100 sensor is simply superb and I only sold the D7100 because it was just too heavy. However the D3300 is light and small and will provide me with superb quality files, that for me are unsurpassed by anything I've ever seen on my monitor apart from the Nikon D800E and my Sony A7 and A7r. The camera will also give me AF with my Nikon primes. 

Some links to the D3300.
Dpreview 1 
Dpreview 2 
Nikon Rumors

Below is an album of D7100 pictures taken earlier this year. The lens was a Sigma 12-24mm zoom.


Link to Google+ album 

UPDATE - I've cancelled my pre-order.

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