How close is this to the best I can get? Sony A7r and Sigma 35mm f/1.4

Ever since I've taken possession of my Sony A7r and been marvelling at the images I've been producing with it, I've been looking around for high quality lenses to realise the full potential of all those pixels. I also wanted at least one lens that was relatively fast and had autofocus. Sony themselves offer very little in e-mount. The 28-70mm zoom which I have is very useful, but doesn't have that biting sharpness that I'm looking for and the 35mm (vignetting issues) the 55mm (not a focal length I'd use a lot) are the others. Having never having been particularly impressed with the Sony a-mount range I was struggling for an option until by chance I saw a mention of the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 DG HSM ART lens, in connection with another camera.

This lens has had rave reviews for virtually every mount, so I thought I 'd give one a try. This did of course involve buying the Sony LA-EA4 adapter as well. So it eventually arrived this morning, a day late after getting lost in the Parcelforce system and I assembled the whole thing and tried it out. As you can see it's not small and it's not light. However a few test shots revealed some very pleasing things. It is sharp, (something of an understatement!!) even wide open, has beautiful bokeh and one of the nicest renditions I've ever seen. There's an almost 3-D quality to the test images I shot. It also focused silently and extremely quickly with the LA-EA4. I have read comments that say a-mount lenses with this adapter focus quicker on the A7r than the native lenses and from my limited time with it, I wouldn't argue with that.

So, the sun is shining outside so I'm off out to give it a whirl, to see exactly how close it is to the best I can get. In the meantime just to wet your appetite here's a couple of shots at f/1.4.

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