Fuji X-M1 first impressions A.K.A.The things are getting a bit crazy, my ever expanding Fuji X collection post.

Because of an Amazon UK / Fuji combined deal I've got the Fuji X-M1 + 16-50mm zoom for £250. Which for me is a great deal.
As you can see it's smaller than the X-E1/2 though not by much. Build quality feels just the same. No EVF of course.
With 18mm lens
With 55-200m zoom, which looks crazy, but then I did take the picture below with it.
And as you can see from the 100% blow up below, it's pretty impressive.
This does add extra proof to my opinion that Fuji OIS is the best out there. It really works well without any of the problems that other systems encounter

I do of course now have the complete set of interchangeable lens Fuji X-Trans sensor cameras. (The X-A1 has a different sensor) This just seems to have crept up on me. Honest!
I think Fuji may have tweaked the high ISO performance as well. The picture (OOC jpg.) above is remarkably noise free for ISO 6400.
Due to the excellent OIS this is also a great hand held video camera. It is remarkably stable. The above outfit has an X-Pro 1 grip and Carry Speed viewfinder attached. It would be really useful apart from the fact that it's the usual Fuji battery in there and I have to disassemble the above to change it.

The lens is nice and light and the main reason I bought the kit. For what I shoot it's a lighter wider alternative to the 18-55mm, for when I don't need a fast(er) lens.

It's a sweet little thing and I have no idea whether I'll keep it, but I don't seem to be having much success is finding new homes for my Fuji gear. The problem of liking the look of a camera system too much I guess. I'll post more when I've given the combination some serious testing.

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