Fuji X-M1 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS lens - Lens comparison with 18-55mm and 18mm.

These are comparison tests between the 16-50mm zoom and the 18-55mm f/2.8-4 and 18mm f/2 lenses. All are at 18mm, ISO 100 and at three different apertures f/3.5, f/6.4 and f/9. All shot on X-M1. These are OOC jpgs.

Centre performance is very similar for all three lenses. However at the edge the 18-55mm is clearly the best. Stopping down the 16-50mm 'catches up' but the 18mm is the worst over all three apertures. Therefore proving that primes are not necessarily as good as zooms.

So the 16-50mm, despite it's plastic mount and lack of an aperture ring is consistent with and similar to the rest of the Fuji X lens range. Currently these are the three alternatives available for the 18mm focal length. These are jpgs. and by processing raw there is more 'bite' to all the lenses, but this is a comparison test and it shows that lenses are very similar, at least in terms of centre performance. 

For this test I've used the X-M1 camera, but in terms of my 'real world' use I doubt I'll use the 16-50mm with it. I don't like cameras without viewfinders anyway, but I dislike using zoom lenses on cameras without viewfinders even more. Not a pleasant experience I find. I'm planning to try out the 16-50mm on one of my other bodies tomorrow if the weather forecast is accurate so I'll report back on how that goes. However I'm not anticipating any great changes to what I've found today. The 16-50mm has the advantage of being slightly wider but its not as long (by 5mm) and not as fast. I'm not bothered by the lack of aperture ring. It's a phoney one anyway as on the other Fuji X lenses. With the recent firmware updates you change aperture on the 16-50mm (and the 55-230mm) by moving the rear function wheel, so it's not that different. Neither is a genuine aperture ring anyway. 

So if tomorrows weather is as forecast I'm going to try a 16-50mm and 55-200mm combination to see how those work as a pair. Stay tuned for that.

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