Why on earth do people keep moaning about Leica wide-angle lenses on the Sony A7 / A7r?

Sony A7r - Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 Color Skopar SL II. No cropping whatsoever.

Ken Rockwell is the latest to moan about vignetting and colour casts on the Sony A7 and A7r cameras when using Leica or other m-mount wide-angles. If you want to read it then you'll have to find it yourselves, since I'm not going to publish a link to yet another crass and publicity seeking piece of tosh. Ken can be informative and entertaining but he can also be a braindead opinionated wannabe internet guru who spews ill-thought out ignorant bile from his keyboard as well and his post on this is very much written by this latter part of his personality.

The answer to this problem is of course USE SOMETHING ELSE!!! Sony have an obligation to us as customers to make the best of the gear they manufacture. We should rightly expect their FE, e-mount and a-mount lenses to function well with Sony's cameras and if there are problems then we have every right to complain. But to moan and whinge when your ultra expensive Leica lens doesn't work with a camera it was never designed to work with and a camera that was never designed to support these lenses causes problems with them, is plainly ridiculous. 

Give me a break here! The standard of internet punditry and forum commenting is plummeting to the depths again. These comments about these (non) issues are just plain nonsense, though I must admit as someone who has always resisted the temptation to spend £3000 on a Leica lens, I also can't resist allowing myself a sly grin reading the discomfiture of the people who expected their chest bling to give them bragging rights on the Sony FE cameras.

Of course my humble Nikon fit Voigtlander 20mm f/3.5 Color Skopar SL II (All £379 worth of it) works beautifully on my A7 and A7r. And so do my Nikon 28mm f/1.8G, 50mm f/1.4G and 85mm f/1.8G lenses, all bought at a fraction of the cost of the lens Rockwell used. And also so does my Series E 100mm f/2.8 bought for £80 on ebay.

And maybe this is the cause of all the whingeing. There is a certain kind of photographer who thinks the more they spend on lenses the more superior they are. Well, tough luck to all of them. Looks like they will have to go back to using their Leica M's (with it's inferior pixel count and image quality of course) to flaunt their Leica lenses on. 

There is also some further nonsense circulating, this time from whingeing Nikon owners, about compression artefacts on Sony FE raw files and jpgs. Someone was actually moaning about seeing this on re-saved jpgs. Oh really! I'll sell my Sony's immediately. Silly me for not spotting it. 

In the meantime I'll just get on with taking marvellous pictures with my Sony's and enjoying viewing the results. And my picture libraries will carry on making them available for sale and people will carry on buying them. And if these idiots insist on continually attempting to rubbish the A7 and A7r, then good luck to them. It really is their loss.

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