The ongoing wonder of the Sony A7r

The Sony A7r is one seriously wonderful camera. The images it produces are just spectacularly good. Bags of detail, serious dynamic range, wonderful colour and that rarity with digital camera files, the more you blow them up the better they look.

The camera has already turned heads and is getting great review after great review. The latest I've seen is from Luminous Landscape. Michael Reichmann calls it the "Worlds best sensor' and its hard to argue with that. I can see the scenario, despite all the disadvantages for me, no AF, lens choice etc., I'm going to have to find myself a very good reason to take out any other camera apart from this, particularly for my landscape / location shoots. 

A couple of days ago I went out with the Voigtlander 20mm and Nikon 85mm f/1.8. The results from the Nikon are just spectacular. And I have to say, sharper than I got from my Nikon D800E. I'm also enjoying what the Voigtlander produces as well, and my hopes that this would give me a small, light, high quality wide angle lens without any vignetting or colour cast issues have been confirmed.

It may not be the prettiest camera I have and fitted with it's battery grip it is very angular and functional looking, but it's pretty good for handling and now I'm getting used to it, quick and easy to operate, even with manual focus only. For me it's like a hybrid between a DSLR, a Leica rangefinder and a m4/3 camera, as the picture creating process with it has elements of all those. 

But it's when I get the images up on the screen that it shows it's real worth. Plus unlike when I contemplated taking the D800E out, I don't have that anticipation of returning home with an aching back. My camera of the year and for good reason. 

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