The Fuji X system and firmware updates

All images - Fuji X-Pro 1 with 18mm lens and Fuji X-E2 with 60mm lens

While the Sony A7 and A7r are undoubtedly the best cameras I've ever used, my favourite cameras, the ones I enjoy using the most are from my Fuji X collection, pictured above, which seems to actually be expanding, rather than being surplus to requirements. Yesterday, I went out with my X-Pro 1 + 18mm lens and X-E2 + 60mm lens. All were updated with the latest firmware, for which updates have been coming thick and fast lately.

And while the Sony FE system files are larger, sharper and have better dynamic range, the irresistible (to me anyway) combination of old-school design, light small bodies and lenses with beautiful balance, looks and handling is something that, if I was was sensible, would have mostly found it's way to ebay by now. However, I don't seem to have got round to that yet. I'll do it next week (or the next, or the next.....) seems to be the way this is going. 

And of course there are always those firmware updates. I'll just try this one and then sell the camera, seems to be the way that's going. I just love these things and despite all my trials and tribulations my attempts to become an ex-Fuji fanboy seem to be failing miserably.

So back to the firmware, which is the reason I took the cameras out yesterday. So I could report back to you on how these had affected the cameras and lenses. No really, that was it. Nothing to do with the fact that I needed another retro fix with my faux rangefinders and sexy little prime lenses. Honest. Well actually, not honest at all. When I really like a camera, common sense seems to fly out of the window. The firmware is actually fine. Lots more options in camera, including a much better auto ISO setup and the lenses focus faster, which is good. The X-Pro 1 is still as capricious as ever though with it's decisions to change what's going on in the EVF on a whim and of course I had to leave my polarised sunglasses at home to use it. Plus there is still no % indicator for the amount of power left in the batteries. Three bars to empty seems to happen in a few frames as before.

So yes it's great that Fuji keep updating cameras and lenses when they don't have to (though maybe they should have got it 'right' in the first place) and this seems to be becoming a regular event. Which of course does keep reminding people that these cameras are still on the market and it keeps the forums talking about them without dipping into the advertising budget, but hey let's not be cynical here. These are fun cameras. But then of course I don't do fun cameras. Well, actually I do. And I have three of them. And I seem to be expanding my lens collection for them. And it seems I can't help myself. 

So don't be surprised if I'm still writing posts about them in a years time and the latest firmware updates. NO!! Get a grip here. The Sony's are the way of the (my) future and they are 'better' cameras and they produce 'better' files so today I'll get round to photographing my Fuji's, digging out the boxes and getting them on ebay. Well actually it's just after Christmas and nobody's got any money left, so I might leave it a few weeks. Yes that's a great idea. Very sensible. But I will get round to it. A few weeks more and then they have to go. They really do. Honest.

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