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So there's something else I don't like about the A7r. The main video codec is AVCHD. Now I thought we'd got rid of this, but it seems not. Apple Mac's don't like it much. You can only import it into iMovie, which I use for speed and simplicity, by getting it to read and convert the files off the card. This takes a while. Plus there are certain video options in the camera which iMovie doesn't even recognise, so they have to be converted using something like Handbrake, which is good and free, but again this all adds to the inconvenience and the time it takes. 

In the video at the top of the page I started shooting AVCHD files, converting them and importing them into iMovie, but gave up after two as it was taking ages. I then went out and shot more footage using the only MP4 25fps option, which has a lower bitrate and isn't full HD.

However, after saying all that, the results are great, even the non-AVCHD footage. I don't shoot broadcast quality video and probably never will, but I need good quality that will look good on a computer monitor, on the internet or with the computer plugged into an HD TV. And for all of that the A7r footage works very well indeed. As you can see it's very sharp. Note the detail on Jeff the cat as he gets the hiccups from his 'organic' snack. 

Sony really need to dump this AVCHD codec and give us .MOV files that are much easier to import. They have provided great quality for the video but don't make it easy for us Mac users. 

N.B. I shot everything with my Nikon 85mm f/1.8G lens, wide open at ISO 100.

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